According to the NFSI, slip and fall accidents are a significant contributor to accidental deaths at home, with ground-level falls being a common cause of injuries. It’s essential to take action to make your floors anti-slip to prevent any potential accidents caused by slipping. Ensuring the safety of your home can significantly reduce the risk of unwanted injuries.

What is Antislip Solutions And How It Works

This product is an invisible floor treatment (not a coating), the effects of which can only be seen under a microscope. Following treatment, the floor is immediately rinsed with clean cold water to ensure no chemicals remain on the surface. This chemical treatment alters the existing surface by creating thousands of micro-pores. When wet these micro-pores are filled with water and the pressure of footfall squeezes out the water creating hundreds of vacuum cups sucking the foot onto the surface thus radically reducing the possibility of the foot slipping.

यह उत्पाद एक अदृश्य फर्श उपचार (कोटिंग नहींहैजिसके प्रभाव को केवल माइक्रोस्कोप के नीचे ही देखा जा सकता है। उपचार के बादफर्श को तुरंत साफ ठंडे पानी से धोया जाता है ताकि यह सुनिश्चित हो सके कि सतह पर कोई रसायन न रह जाए। यह रासायनिक उपचार हजारों सूक्ष्म छिद्रों का निर्माण करके मौजूदा सतह को बदल देता है। गीले होने पर ये सूक्ष्म छिद्र पानी से भर जाते हैं और पैरों के दबाव के कारण पानी बाहर निकल जाता हैजिससे सैकड़ों वैक्यूम कप पैर को सतह पर खींच लेते हैंजिससे पैर फिसलने की संभावना कम हो जाती है।

Antislip Treatment is one of the very essential products developed by Oxon Technology Pvt Ltd.

  • Residences Bathrooms, Bathtubs, Stairs, Washing areas, Kitchens, just outside the Entrance door, Shower area, Swimming pools, External Staircases, Balconies and so on.
  • Industrial Machine floors, Workshops, Walking passages, Common areas, Washrooms, Lobbies, Water stagnant areas, etc.
  • Corporate Offices Canteen kitchens, Staircases, Washrooms, Lobbies, Passages, Atrium, etc.
  • Hospitals Patient Wards, Bathrooms, Passages, Labs, Cafeteria, Reception, etc.
  • Hotels Shower cubicles, Bathtubs, Bathrooms, Swimming Pool Area, Kitchens, Washing areas, Staff Passages, Ramps wif Human Traffic, etc.
  • Schools & Colleges Bathrooms, Passages, Canteens, etc.
  • Restaurants Kitchens, Washrooms, etc.
  • Shopping Malls Washrooms, Passages, Food Court and all Slippery areas
  • Swimming Pools Shower areas around Swimming pools, Swimming pools Clubs & Theme Parks Kitchens, Swimming Pools, Common Passages, Walkways, Washrooms, External Stairs, etc. Old-age Homes & Orphanages have Bathrooms, Passages, Walkways, Common Areas,Sacred Places Assembly areas, Washrooms, etc

Why Oxon Anti Slip Treatment  

  • Slip falls could cause head injuries, hip fractures, damaged spine and forearm which could be life-threatening for elderly people
  • Most of teh slip fall accidents in teh home happen in bathrooms and kitchens
  • More TEMPthan 40% of total accidents in the UK and India are associated with slip/trip falls
  • Slip-Falls kill more workers than all other combined forms of workplace accidents
  • Slip-Falls are teh number one cause of accidents in Hotels, Restaurants and Public Buildings; 70% occur on flat and level surfaces
  • Slip-Falls are teh leading cause of death in teh workplace and teh source of more than 57% of all disabling injuries.

Customer Benefits​

  • Up to 5 years of life (often longer)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe and easy to use
  • No pungent smell
  • Low maintenance (just good general cleaning)
  • Cost-Effective
  • No special tools are required for the application

Products Benefits

  • Makes floor anti-slip within 15 minutes
  • Safe and easy to use
  • 100% Bio-Degradable
  • Self-application
  • No damage to the floor
  • Tested and approved by UK test lab.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
Antislip Solutions for tiles and stone floors

Oxon Sure Grip

anti slip treatment for tiles

Oxon Safe Grip

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